“Jorge Luna has meant a lot to my tennis career, he has helped me to come to Vilas Tennis Academy in Mallorca, where among many other experiences I was allowed to be Rafael Nadal’s hitting partner for a week. Jorge Luna has also provided quality training, and has assisted me with support on and off the court. So Jorge Luna has been an important part of my tennis career!”

Andreas Moltke-Leth

Article from the Tennisavisen

“Jorge helped me a lot when he went to Peru two years ago. We trained together only for three months, but still helped me to improve my overall game. He gave me some breathing-techniques that helped me to handle stressful situations and also to improve my ground strokes giving my shots more power”

Horacio Callirgos Céspedes

“First of all, it should be a big thank you to the Bruguera Tennis Academy. The academy was represented here by Jorge Luna, whose clairvoyance, foresight and perseverance have made all this possible for the benefit of the juniors all over Denmark! It is a great pleasure for Birkerød Tennis Club to be able to work with such a visionary and professional person as Jorge. “

Glenn Jørgensen,
Birkerød Tennis Club

“Jorge Luna saw my daughter Isil’s talent as she was just 5 1/2 years old. Through a well-designed training program, where both has been working on Isil’s technical, physical and mental development, she has become one of the best tennis players in her age group in Denmark. The support Isil gets at tournaments and in the daily training is super professional – and she is constantly evolving ”.

Aziz Yurttas, Isil’s father

“The journey to becoming a good tennis player contains a large number of aspects that Jorge Luna has given us inspiration and knowledge about. Below, Jorge has a straightforward and positive approach to getting the player to start the journey through his great interest in the individual player who extends from participation in tournaments to talk about physical exercises, diet habits, sleeping habits, self-discipline, rackets and stringing. To become a good tennis player is first and foremost about the approach and culture of tennis – it has Jorge Luna “.

Rasmus Holmer, father of
Ida Marie Holmer 12 years

“I got the help of Jorge to come to Juan Carlos Ferrero Tennis Academy, where I got a really good treatment from the time I came, until I left. The facilities were at the very top, and you will have the opportunity to get super training, no matter whether you are a professional, elite or intermediate level. You will always get from there a really good experience richer. When you choose to use Jorge Luna, your goals will be his goal. He always commits himself 100% to the project, big and small. I highly recommend Jorge Luna, both as a trainer and as a human being “

Søren Wedege

“The results speak for themselves”